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CA. Prashant Jain


B.Com, FCA

Insolvency Professional

Registered Valuer (SFA)

Forensic Auditor (FAFD)

Regn.No. IBBI/IPA-001/IP-P001368/2018-19/12131

Designated Partner, Mumbai

Total experience : 15 Years

Core Competence & Industry specific experience

Valuation of assets, Financial statement consolidation of foreign subsidiaries, Conversion from IFRS, Belgian Gaap to Indian Gaap process set up, Implementation of ERP, Detailed book keeping, corporate finance, Foreign exchange remittances. Logistics business and Indian custom Act & process.

Experience in restructuring & handling of Stressed Assets

Worked with various industries – Service, Logistics, Software, Export/Import Industries to name a few. Running restructuring exercise of the business process and organizational makeup of entities after buyout. Leading the merger & demerger of subsidiary company into another subsidiary & Holding company.

Experience under IBC

Emplaned with IDBI and Bank of India as an Insolvency Professional.
Assisting RP for their cases under CIRP. Issuing notices under section 8/9 of IBC Code. Have successfully completed one valuation assignment and three are allotted so far.